Urinal Screen & Premium Deodorizer (12-Pack of Fresh Urinal Mats) by Zen Products -Anti-Splash & Odor Neutralizer – Ideal for Bathrooms, Restrooms, Offices, Schools, etc. (Blue Mist Fragrance)

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Urinal Screen Deodorizer (12-pack of Fresh Urinal Mats) - Scent Lasts for Up to 5000 Flushes - Anti-Splash & Odor Neutralizer - Ideal for Bathrooms, Restrooms, Office, Restaurants, Schools - Blue Mist Fragrance

Here's a few things that set us apart from the competition, when it comes to delivering high quality janitorial deodorizers, odor control, & bathroom cleaning products to our audience:

#1 PREMIUM Commercial Urinal Screens & Deodorizer
- Each disposable Wave 2.0 screen measures 7" in diameter for full urinal pad coverage, and weighs a mere 50g - The 1 cm spikes are tall enough that any splash back is completely eliminated immediately.

#2 30-Day Fresh Scent GUARANTEE
- Units come packaged as 2-packs to preserve the fresh scent if you don't need to use them all at once - Packs of our most popular fragrances are all available for purchase on Amazon - Your lavatory will remain smelling great after use of these urinal mats.

#3 Application Easy As 1-2-3
- Open a package containing the Wave 2.0 screens - Pull the tabs from around the edges that indicate the replacement date for future reference - Remove the old units and replace with your Fresh Urinal Screen pads.

#4 Reap The Benefits
- Clogged toilet drains become a thing of the past, gone are the days of fishing gum and cigarettes out of urinal pipes - Bathroom floors will maintain a clean, dry state and need to be mopped less frequently due to the splash guard - Every man & woman who visits the restroom will appreciate that you cared enough to improve the (normally unpleasant) smell.

Product Features

?? FRESH URINAL SCREENS: the urinal screen uses anti-bacterial agents that consume offensive odors and release a fresh scent, making the men's bathroom have a highly sanitized and deodorized, clean-smelling aroma. make cleaning men's urinals so much easier due to reduced backsplash! cut cleaning time in half! these specialized urinal screens/pads allow for optimal conformity to the urinal which also prevents debris from getting caught in the drainage system! ?? UP TO 5,000 FLUSHES PER URINAL MAT DEODORIZER: each unit will give off a satisfying perfumed fragrance for up to 30 days or 5,000 flushes. Made from EVA (eco-friendly) material, each unit is designed to both reduce pee splash back while also overpowering any unwanted smells. One size fits all stalls, measuring 7" in diameter with 1cm spikes extending out to prevent splashing. Installing the unit properly helps reduce build up of liquid on the floor around the stall, saving you cleaning time. ?? LOWEST PRICED URINAL SCREENS GUARANTEED: at $2.08 per urinal screen/pad, we offer the cheapest price for your needs. Nobody can beat our lowest price on Amazon, where we bring you the highest quality products at the lowest cost possible. Rest assured that purchasing that Fresh Urinal Screens and deodorizers means getting the highest quality urinal mat out there at an affordable price - whoever uses your company or business washrooms will immediately notice the difference in just one use.

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